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Reducing The Risk of Vaccine Damage - Practical Steps

1. Keep your vaccination records up to date. Vaccine damage has occurred in cases where children had been given additional vaccines by mistake.

2. Check the lot expiry dates. Problems can arise if a vaccine is out of date.

3. Check the lot/batch numbers with the recall numbers. Around 15% of the whooping cough vaccine is recalled for example, and there have been cases where not all the batches have been collected, resulting in litigation. It is CRUCIAL to have a record of the batch/ lot no/ expiry date because if your child has a severe reaction or dies, you will not be able to proceed effectively with a claim of litigation without this vital piece of information.
4. Consider using single vaccines.This requires careful research. The Health Protection Agency argues that this leaves children up-protected against some diseases and that is why single vaccines are not licensed anymore. However, this route does give much flexibility for parents who want to choose a different vaccine program for their child. Dr Halvorsen at BabyJabs offers open consultations and aluminium free vaccines.

If using single vaccines for the MMR it has been suggested that 1 year be left between live vaccines. (Currently, the mumps single vaccine is not available.) Japan opted for single vaccines but saw the rate of autism rise! However, 3 jabs were often given within a month, sometimes on the same day.

5. Consider the 'merits' of each vaccine separately. For example does an eight week old baby need tetanus? Is chicken pox necessary?

6. Wait until your child is older. At least wait until your baby is an average weight of an 8 week old, or is at least 8 weeks after the due date if premature. Better still, wait until 6 months. Maternal antibodies will have passed via the placenta and through milk of a breast feeding mother and will offer some protection for about the first 6 months of life, and for that reason the dosage is far higher for young children. The last generation began vaccination at 3 months and left longer intervals between vaccines.

In Japan, during the changing of the vaccination program to start at 2 years old, they enjoyed the lowest child mortality in the world. Two years old is considered a milestone in development of the immune system. (Six years is when the immune and brain is more fully developed although the brain is still developing until 21.) However, when Japan came into line with other countries and vaccinated at 2 months child mortality rose and cot death was seen.

In Denmark they vaccinate babies with DTP at 3, 5 and 9 months and they only give children far less vaccines compared to the US, and have considerably lower rates of Autism and Asthma. However, even in Denmark the rates for autism are increasing.

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal US Court

You can choose if, when and with what your child is vaccinated.

7. Ask that the nurse / Dr swabs first - bacterial infections from the injection and resulting antibiotics are not uncommon.

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8. Monitor your child closely after vaccinations. Even consider sleeping with them or using an alarm. Fits are known to occur in a minority of children, often 10 days after the MMR for example. Breathing during the night takes a dip a few days after and a few weeks after the DTP jab. (It is not known how breathing patterns are affect at night after the new 5-in-one jab).

See Net Doctor

9. If constant fever lasts more than a few days or if you child fits then see your doctor. Fits, for example, occur in one in a thousand children after the MMR vaccination. They need to be monitored and the child can be helped if caught early. Calpol, etc does not reduce the risk of febrile convulsions. Convulsions linked to illness do not appear to cause any lasting neurological problems although fits in otherwise well children are of concern. See your Dr also if your child's behaviour changes or if your child development regresses, e.g. speech. Take more precaution with babies.
10. Be aware of allergy issues. Be aware of the peanut and albumen (egg) content if your family suffers severe allergies. Research shows that if such an allergy has already presented, administration of the vaccine will not trigger a reaction. (Children with allergies used to be vaccinated in hospital.) However, we are not aware of any research which compares the prevalence of such allergies amongst non-vaccinated children! The proteins in the vaccine may be responsible for some allergies.

Research shows that by delaying vaccines from 2 months to 4 months halves the risk of Asthma.

11. Be aware that vaccinated children contract these diseases also. For example, cases of persistent cough are often Whooping Cough (sometimes called Bronchiolitis). One borough recently found Whooping Cough in nearly half of the cases of persistent cough tested in their primary school children. Nearly 90% appeared in fully vaccinated children. A recent study found that whooping cough is found more in the fully vaccinated. See BMJ

Measles also appears in the vaccinated populations but will present in a slightly different way (e.g. a rash first appearing on the stomach rather than on the head.) This illustrates that all parents must be vigilant in recognizing disease. Statistics will not always reveal patterns of disease due to mis-diagnosis and political manipulation.

The Meningitis Foundation, for example, didn't have figures on the the vaccine status of those contracting meningitis!
12. If your child doesn't reach developmental milestones, e.g. speech, consider delaying vaccines until you know more.

13. Ask to read the Vaccine Insert first. The insert will often reveal more than you will be told by your GP e.g did you know that a side effect of the rubella vaccine is juvenile arthritis?

Health disclaimer. Every care has been taken when writing this website to ensure the accuracy of the material provided. However the authors cannot accept responsibility for any damage or harm caused by any advice or information given in this website. The decision is yours. If you have any doubts about vaccinations, you should consult a medically qualified practitioner.

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