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An excellent documentary
Silent Epidemic

The Informed Parent
Excellent newsletter is published three times a year.
A great 20 year archive.

Child Health Safety
2 centuries Graphs & Data in the US,
UK & Australia

Vaccine Package Inserts

Martin Walker has investigated 'Dirty Medicine' & vaccines
for 20 years - Excellent books & essays here

Side effects of vaccines
Evidence presented to the US government.

Ingredients & Quotes

International Council of Vaccination

A resource for physicians and laypersons

Dr Jayne Donegan cleared by the GMC of
'peddling junk science' regarding her research into vaccination. Articles and workshops

JABS is a self-help group promoting understanding about immunisations and offering basic support to any parent whose child has a health problem after vaccination.

Extensive Vaccination library
Including interview of ex vaccine researcher

CryShame is a UK campaigning group co-founded by parents
and professionals who are concerned about autism and in the potential link with toxins

Beyond Conformity - Hilary Butler's site
Including a list of International websites run by vaccine critics

National Vaccine Information Center
started in 1982 in the US.

EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance)
A collective voice from a dozen countries

HPVfacts information about the HPV vaccine

Newsletters and fact sheets



Natural Health
The Mother Magazine
Supporting Natural Immunity and other peaceful and holistic approaches to parenting.

Conscious parenting, sustainability, social justice, non-violence and a commitment to personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Green Health Watch
Quarterly Magazine reporting on around 100 short, easy-to-read news items.

Natural health website and free newsletter

Natural News
Natural Health website and free newsletter

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Holistic Health Care for people and animals

Cancer Active - UK Holistic Cancer Charity

NCBI Databases
Research using Entrez the integrated, text-based search and retrieval system

Alliance for Natural Health
Internationally active non-governmental organisation working towards protecting natural approaches to healthcare. Founded in 2002 by Dr Robert Verkerk.

Mercury Madness
brings together information on mercury toxicity

Homeopathy News

Search for a therapist or community group near you

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Search for a therapist near you


Pure and Natural Bathing Salts
Pure and Natural Bathing Salts UK’s leading supplier Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan Salts For skincare and wellbeing.
Freephone: 0800 321 3342
Muma Baby
Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks


Green Health Watch Magazine


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Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children

This booklet, compiled by homeopath Zoe Scanlan, comprises clear and concise information on how to treat children’s ailments, such as, colds, fevers, behaviour and learning difficulties, measles 'Naturally'....
When and How to Treat Fever

Amazon Books

Roy Riggs
School of Homeopathy
Moon Times

Juno Magazine