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Justice for Jodie Appeal

Justice for Jodie Appeal

Please download our leaflet to find out more and print some copies to share with your friends or your school.
If you would like hard copies please email your name and address to with a request for 10 or 50 but I can't guarantee that I will be making another print run; it will depend on need.
The leaflet can also be seen on the website

I hope this helps you to be more informed and also helps with any communication with your primary school. We have found that this year schools have authorised more absence than last year which is good but it needs to be all schools. We feel that any cautious parent wishing to remove their child from school on the day of the fluenz and 3 days afterwards should be respected and this absence authorised. We will be emailing every school in England and Wales about this and we trust that you will be sharing your concerns too.
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