I'd like to share several very strong template letters which you may need to use in order to make a fully informed decision around allowing your child to be Covid tested in school or accepting a Covid vaccine as a 'requirement' for work.
Next month schools are set to fully open and mass asymptomatic testing is being offered to primary and secondary children, primarily using the Lateral Flow test. There are wider implications for the whole family, as well as personal risk considerations. Consent is a charity supporting parents making health decisions on behalf of their children. They have done some excellent work in bringing together current considerations into two accessible letters which you can adapt when you contact your child's school. They link to the letter in their blog and we also attach it here. The UKMFA have also compiled a detailed set of references around this topic in a more formal way under their Open Letters resources. Please note that testing details have changed since this letter (as we know things are ever changing) but the comprehensive information is incredibly useful.
Reports are being shared that some employers are demanding a Covid vaccine as a condition of work, namely Pimlico plumbers, some Care agencies and NHS trusts. The UKMFA, Lawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an excellent Open Letter for employees to share with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines. It outlines the legal rights of the employee to informed consent and medical freedom, the legal issues the employer may face and also summarises the potential risks of Covid-19 vaccines.
Please consider making a donation to these organisations, however small, because the amount of work and dedication behind the scenes is immense and they deserve our support. Both sites have a donate button and I can personally vouch for the integrity of the individuals behind Consent and UKMFA.

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