Jodie is now 25 and is 80% disabled; her brain damage means that she is non verbal and her epilepsy means daily fits. Her mum took her healthy toddler for the MMR but Jodie suffered immediate fits and never recovered. Years afterwards the medical records revealed that actually 8 vaccines were given, 5 without consent or knowledge, all in the same syringe! The complexity, legal aid issues, medical errors and the mix up with the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit means that the family have never been compensated despite, the then Chief Medical Officer, Dr Peter Fletcher saying that without a doubt the vaccines caused her disability.

Mum Pat needs support. Sadly and unexpectedly dad Bill died just before Christmas so Pat will care alone for Jodie 24/7, still changing nappies, but she need a care plan for the future. The family has nothing to fall back on.

I have found a brilliant High Court Barrister willing to work for the Marchant for a greatly reduced retainer but we still need to raise £10,000. The case will take a further 6 months. 

Here is the webpage link ~ can you please share this with your friends
Payment can be made by bank transfer, which is best as there are no fees
Arnica Barclays 20 46 73 43259625
or PayPal
(please mark Jodie as a reference)

Did you hear recent news that all vaccines may be administered in ONE SYRINGE?
Jodie's case needs to highlight potential safety issues of this practice for future children.

Thank you very much for your consideration and please don't hesitate to ask for further information,
Anna xx

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