Justice for JodieImagine taking your healthy previously unvaccinated toddler for the MMR to see her suffer fits and never recover. Jodie is now 25 and is 80% disabled; her brain damage means that she is non verbal and her epilepsy has caused daily fits. Years after the injury the medical records revealed that actually 8 vaccines were given, 5 without consent or knowledge. The complexity, legal aid issues and the mix up with the Vaccine damage payment unit means that the family have never been compensated.

Mum Pat desperately needs support. She cares for Jodie 24/7, still changing nappies, but she needs a plan for the future. Very sadly dad Bill died at Christmas leaving Pat alone. She is trying to trust the authorities again to look after Jodie a few days a week in a day centre to allow Pat to re charge. I have seen this family together and they are beautiful... Jodie is non verbal but has a few singing notes and touches her head to Pats and holds Pats hand to her cheek. Pat is an amazing mum but she misses Bill and she needs support.

We have found a brilliant Barrister willing to work for a greatly reduced retainer and we have been fund raising for a year. The brick walls have been shocking and between each drawn out communication weeks and weeks go by.  The Barrister has seen 60 lever arch files and has spend days in the legal libraries and has approached the case with great insight and strength but has never come across such a case or such a 'non' reaction.  

The NHS have denied liability, saying that the GP and nurse had their own insurance, yet we have no leads to find these individuals. Even if we did find them we couldn't afford a court case to bring justice this way. The VDU (Vaccine Damage Unit) refused the initial claim on the grounds of the cocktail of vaccines which wasn't recommended, but Bill rightly insisted that this be noted.  Now the VDU have told us that they are not looking at appeals prior to 2013 but we have to challenge the legitimacy of this change in the Act which will take time.

The Department of Work and Pensions Minister oversees the VDU yet she is refusing to meet with us, instead has referred us to the Minister for Health. As you know there has been changes to the post but both Ministers have not engaged with the Barrister. This means we are now going to the Parliamentary Ombudsman to make a complaint but we need support from the local MP whose response we are patiently waiting for! We need at least another 6 months so around a further £10,000. I had no idea that it would take this long or that people would be so generous but I do need to continue.

All money raised will go towards a Legal appeal and challenge for Jodie Marchant who is severely vaccine injured. It is vital that we highlight the errors made by the medical professionals in this case. We also are supporting Pat.  Please give generously, even consider a regular monthly donation, and mark Jodie as a reference. If you have any other ways to support the campaign or Pat please email

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