What is the Arnica Network?

The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within 5 few years, 75 new Arnica groups have started nationwide, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families.

Most parents will vaccinate their children on the advice of their GP, the Department of Health, the JCVI (Joint Committee of Vaccine & Immunisation), the WHO (World Health Organization) and the HPA (The Health Protection Agency) - an impressive list! Therefore it is very hard to find ‘alternative viewpoints’ and people to discuss them with.
You will find lots of published information but despite this many parents and health practitioners still feel isolated in their decision-making and are sometimes ridiculed in their interest in seeking natural alternatives to medicines.

“At Arnica we believe in the importance of Natural Immunity.”

Parents and health practitioners meet up regularly, formally and informally, and use Facebook groups to discuss vaccine issues and keeping healthy. Please find us on MeWe also. We share good practice and evidence on how we can support our children naturally when they are sick (skills no longer passed down from our parents), like dealing with fever and cleaning wounds, for example.

When we compare a vaccine’s possible adverse reactions, and possible longer-term health problems, against complications from childhood disease in healthy children, we feel that an informed choice may differ from the one size fits all public health policy.

With around 25 vaccines being given to children before they reach school in the UK and trends of autoimmune diseases and behaviour syndromes on the rise, perhaps it would be sensible to look at the possible role of these vaccines and other environmental factors on children's health?

With nearly 2 million children unvaccinated against measles in the UK, yet the death rate at nearly zero, we are concerned that too much emphasis is being placed on vaccination rather than disease education. Furthermore, there are up to 500,000 totally unvaccinated children in the UK and Arnica is a way of finding like minded parents in your town.

“We hope to meet some of you at your local Arnica meeting, indeed you may want to host your own local group!”

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